Software Development in Vietnam

Oct 24, 2019 | Blog Post

Vietnam is a rapidly growing location for software development outsourcing and product development. Well known companies including Atlassian, Belkin, BlueCross, Cisco, Deutsche Bank, Disney, Electronic Arts, Evernote, Leap Frog, LinkedIn, McAfee, NBC Universal, Pearson, and have all successfully completed core product development or project outsourcing in Vietnam in the past decade.

So, why are so many companies looking to Vietnam as a software development location?

Finding a location for software development involves finding the right mix of cost, work culture and technical skills. In Vietnam, primary school students begin learning computer science in the fourth grade and a number of universities in the country have undergraduate programs where students major in computer science and engineering.

As with most burgeoning software development geographies, Vietnam started primarily as an outsourcing location where companies needing to build a mobile app or website went to complete the development at a budget-friendly price.

Increasingly, however, companies ranging from startups to large firms are looking to Vietnam to complete core product development. Atlassian is perhaps the best-known example of this. Doing this, however, requires either that the company create a subsidiary in Vietnam and have the ability to manage that entity effectively, or that the company partner with another company that has the legal and operational infrastructure in place. This infrastructure includes the legal entity; a leadership structure that can bridge the time, culture and language gap; a proven product (versus project – short-term) culture and agile development methodology; and the necessary resources in product management, user experience and interface design, technology and architecture, software development, quality assurance and control and agile process management.

While those partners exist to server larger organizations, the gap in the market that CodeStringers is filling is to provide that type of partnership to other startups that need to expand their development organization and improve their development processes with a constrained budget.

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