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    Clients who trust us to deliver on their custom software needs.
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    Delivering Superior Software for More Than a Decade.

    CodeStringers stands out in the outsourcing crowd by developing great software and operating our business with integrity.

    A world-class custom software development company.

    That’s the least humble thing you’ll ever hear anyone at CodeStringers say. But we take a lot of pride in what we do.

    CodeStringers is an uncommon software development firm that brings innovation, craftsmanship, and integrity to the development of best-in-class cloud, web and mobile software products. CodeStringers deliberately remains “boutique” in order to provide the hands-on focus of our leadership required to deliver high quality software at far lower cost than our client’s internal resources can typically deliver. We call that “upsourcing“. CodeStringers develops both our own products and products for our clients. We provide end-to-end product strategy, software release planning, software development and quality assurance solutions for clients ranging from startups to large enterprises. Our headquarters are in the United States and have a wholly-owned development subsidiary in Vietnam. To take a look at a CodeStringers innovation in action, give FileString – a file control and tracking service – a try.

    We do things a bit differently.

    We believe in making commitments. And keeping them.









    Inc.5000 California Regionals - CodeStringers Named 12th Fastest Growing Firm
    CodeStringers to the Inc.5000 List
    CodeStringers Named to the Fast Private List

    C-Level Engagement Manager.

    20% Project Management… 80% Advisor.

    From your first discovery call with CodeStringers, your contact will be a senior executive with a decade plus experience developing software products.

    “Discovery” (Planning). No Charge.

    No fine print… we get asked “why?” a lot.

    Custom software development requires planning. Requirements. Designs. Architecture. Estimates. We handle this for you BEFORE we’re under contract. You need to know how much and how long to get to your release. We can’t give you those answers without a plan.

    Cost & Deadline Guaranteed.

    Yeah, we’re serious.

    We commit to achieving the scope of the plan on time and in budget. No if’s, and’s or but’s about it. Yeah, we know. Nobody does that. But it’s the right thing to do.

    Onshore Leadership. Offshore Budget.

    CodeStringers is a custom software development company headquartered on the west coast of the United States with offices in Portland, Oregon; Santa Cruz, California, and New York City where our leadership, who manage all client engagements, live and work. We proudly develop custom software solutions from our offshore software development organization located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Unlike some custom software development companies that will claim to have an offshore team when in fact it’s merely a collection of contractors, our Vietnam entity is a wholly-owned subsidiary employing 50+ full-time product managers, user experience and interface (UX/UI) designers, software developers / engineers, and quality assurance engineers. Our proven agile software development execution and unique approach to client engagements enables us to develop world-class software at a fraction of the cost of in-house teams.

    The CodeStringers Development Team.

    Our team in Vietnam includes product managers; user experience and interface designers; backend, frontend web and mobile developers; quality assurance engineers; and business and technical operations personnel. We hire the most talented people to ensure our standards (and yours) of innovation, craftsmanship, and integrity are delivered in every product we build.

    CodeStringers Values


    We strive to deliver exceptional quality in everything we define and develop, whether we’re building our own products or yours. We take great pride as individuals and a team in developing world-class software both in quality and experience.


    Integrity is about doing the right thing even when no one is watching you. We expect every member of CodeStringers to live their life and do their job with honor.


    Innovation requires thoughtful risk-taking and acceptance of failed attempts. We encourage this at CodeStringers, and we manage that risk carefully to ensure we achieve high quality and deadlines, but still find opportunities to differentiate software through innovation.

    Growth Mindset

    At CodeStringers, we love people who love learning. We provide educational services and materials to our team members and ask them to be continually learning new technologies and processes that improve them as individuals and the quality of our work as an organization.

    Work Ethic

    CodeStringers team members take pride in their work and ownership for the outcome their work creates. It is not at all unusually to find members of CodeStringers working late into the night in their adherence to this value.


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