When Should You Hire Dedicated Developers From An Outsourcer?

Sep 12, 2023 | Blog Post

What Kinds of Outsourcing Arrangements Exist Today?

We have had a lot of discussions lately in regards to the different kinds of outsourcing engagement models. As a reminder, there are four different types of models:

  1. Outsourced Product Development
  2. Staff Augmentation
  3. Short Term Product Outsourcing
  4. Dedicated Teams

If you’d like further information on each of these, you can click on the above links for a more detailed description.

Today, however, we’re taking a look at the dedicated developer teams model, and discussing when a client might choose this option.

What Is The Dedicated Teams Model?

The dedicated teams model (for software outsourcing) is a process in which a client partners with CodeStringers to assemble a team of personnel to work at the direction of the client in building a software product or a portion of one.

When Should You Hire Dedicated Developers?

The difference between outsourced software product development and a team of dedicated developers is in how the team is managed. In the former case, a CodeStringers executive manages the team, and in the latter case, the team is managed directly by the client.

Consequently, it makes sense to hire dedicated developers IF your organization has the staff, the bandwidth, and the product definition wherewithal to manage the team directly. This is usually the case with two specific client profiles:

  1. Software development departments that need to offload a portion of their product development but want to self-manage the team.
  2. Startup technology companies that have founders or executives with product and development leadership experience but want to build a development team at a lower cost than hiring personnel internally.

It also may be a question of preference and work styles. A client who is more “hands on” in the development process may prefer to hire dedicated teams, and a client who prefers to stay above the day-to-day fray would probably prefer an outsourced product development solution.

Again, for a more in depth discussion about Hiring Dedicated Developers and other outsourcing models, we have pages dedicated to each model on our website.

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