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    Agile Software Development Resource Center

    Scrum.org, the Scrum Alliance, Mountain Goat Software,… they make it sound easy. But “tuning” the Scrum method to deliver great software takes years of experience and lots of mistake along the way.

    *You don’t need to fill out a form or provide any information to access this resource.

    Inside you’ll find helpful “battlefield wisdom” about:

    These are our lessons on Agile Software Development that we’ve learned through building hundreds of products over the decades.

    Overlaying a software release planning method on top of the Scrum development method.
    How to estimate software releases & know early if you’re ahead of or behind schedule.
    Maximize development velocity by ensuring user stories are truly ready for a sprint backlog.
    And much more…

    About the Author

    Michael Manzo
    President & CEO

    I’ve been working in software development for 25 years and have either worked in or managed most job functions for various software development firms. I began my career as a Product Manager. My passion is understanding users and their needs, and innovating to address those needs.

    Until 2012, I worked for a variety of venture-funded telecom software firms, ranging from telecom vendors to B2B and B2C companies.

    My first introduction to Agile and Scrum was my role just prior to CodeStringers. So all-told I’ve been working with agile methods for 15+ years.

    But reality is that my real experience – in which I learned the lessons one only learns by “doing” has come since joining CodeStringers in 2012. Since then and primarily because CodeStringers provides custom software development services (in addition to building our own products), I’ve had the opportunity to oversee the definintion, development and maintenance of dozens of software products for clients ranging from startups to large enterprises.

    That experience has afforded me quite a bit of development methodology wisdom. Earlier on in this experience, I created an “agile primer” presentation that I shared with clients to help their teams better understand and apply the agile method. And on this page, I’ll share what I’ve learned.

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