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    Integrity, Craftsmanship & Innovation Starts With CodeStringers’ Leadership Team.

    CodeStringers’ leadership model these traits to create a purposeful “product culture”.

    The CodeStringers Leadership Team is involved in EVERY client engagement and EVERY CodeStringers product and innovation… that’s the main benefit of working with a boutique software development firm. We assign a team to your product, and that team is managed by the people on this webpage, ensuring quality from requirements through release. We believe that there is a substantial difference between leadership and management, and we believe that strong leaders are essential in creating the best products.

    Michael Manzo

    President & CEO

    Christian Schraga

    SVP, Product

    Cynthia Applegate

    VP, Marketing & Communications

    Jim Peake

    VP, Business Development

    Nhi Do

    VP & GM, Vietnam

    Hai Huynh

    Director, Product Development & Delivery

    Hon Nguyen

    Director, Research, Development & Technology

    Su Le

    Senior Manager, DevOps & CloudOps

    Quyen Dao

    Manager, User Experience & Interfaces

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