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    Clients who trust us to deliver on their custom software needs.
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    Customer engagement models for any project.

    Whether you need to completely outsource building a software product, need to add a few developers to a team or create a new team, or just need a team to handle a short-term project, we can offer the customer engagement model best suited to your needs.

    Customer Engagement Models

    Outsourced Product Development

    This customer engagement model is our “bread and butter”. A senior executive from our team is your engagement manager. We assign a team led by a project manager that includes members with all skillsets needed to define, design, architect, develop, test, release and manage your software product. You idea. We make it a reality.

    Outsourced Software Product Development

    Customer Engagement Models

    Dedicated Teams

    Under this customer engagement model, CodeStringers assigns a team of personnel specific to your needs and those teams are directly managed by you. Teams may include requirements analysts, UX/I designers, software engineers, QA engineers or othe speciality development resources.

    Dedicated Teams

    Customer Engagement Models

    Staff Augmentation

    Under this customer engagement model, CodeStringers assigns personnel to augment and act as a seemless extension of your internal development teams. You managed those personnel directly. Resource augmentation helps you scale your development quickly and inexpensively while ensuring that you have direct oversight of the work delivered.

    Staff Augmentation

    Customer Engagement Models

    Short-Term Projects

    Startup needing to build your Minimum Viable Product (MVP)? Need to add mobile apps to an existing web-baseed product? CodeStringers can take on short-term projects and deliver on time and in budget.

    Short-Term Software Projects

    Getting started with software development services is simple & painless.

    Within a month, you can see your idea start to come to life.

    STEP 1


    We complete a series of discovery workshop sessions that take anywhere from a one day to a couple of weeks depending upon the complexity of your idea. The workshops help our team understand your vision and gather sufficient information to create an agile software release plan.

    STEP 2

    Release Planning

    Our team creates an agile software release plan including customer/user personas and needs, feature requirements, user interface wireframes, technical architecture and tech stack, and estimates of effort duration and budget. This typically takes one to two weeks to complete.

    STEP 3

    Engagement Model & Team Structure

    Within days, we agree upon the best customer engagement model for your needs, the skillsets needed, and the structure of the team.

    STEP 4

    Build Software & Track Results

    We initiate agile / scrum development utilizing CodeStringers’ expertise and experience with the methodology. We conduct routine status reviews and demos, give your team direct access to a test environment for your software, and provide progress reports on features completed, QA testing results, and a burn down against the original release plan. If our estimates were low, we know early on. CodeStringers adds resources to hit the deadline at no cost to you.

    We do things a bit differently.

    We believe in making commitments. And keeping them.

    Unparalleled. Craftsmanship.

    Steadfast. Integrity.

    Pragmatic. Innovation.

    Irreplaceable. Partnership

    C-Level Engagement Manager.

    20% Project Management… 80% Advisor.

    From your first discovery call with CodeStringers, your contact will be a senior executive with a decade plus experience developing software products.

    “Discovery” (Planning). No Charge.

    No fine print… we get asked “why?” a lot.

    Custom software development requires planning. Requirements. Designs. Architecture. Estimates. We handle this for you BEFORE we’re under contract. You need to know how much and how long to get to your release. We can’t give you those answers without a plan.

    Cost & Deadline Guaranteed.

    Yeah, we’re serious.

    We commit to achieving the scope of the plan on time and in budget. No if’s, and’s or but’s about it. Yeah, we know. Nobody does that. But it’s the right thing to do.

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