Dedicated Teams

Why Hire Dedicated Teams For Outsourcing

Hiring dedicated teams is a process in which a client partners with CodeStringers to assemble a team to work at the direction of the client in building a product or a portion of one. The difference between outsourced software product development and a dedicated team is in how the team is managed. In the former, a CodeStringers executive directly manages the team,  acting as an extension of the client’s leadership team.  In the the latter, the client’s own product leadership manages the developers. Dedicated teams may include a variety of resources: product management, interface design, backend, frontend, mobile, QA, devops, etc.

Where does this engagement model fit best?

Virtually any company that needs to build a software product may benefit from hiring dedicated teams, but common examples include:

  • Software development departments choose this model when they need to offload some development but they want to self-manage the team.
  • Startup technology companies prefer it if they already have founders or executives with product and development leadership experience. In this situation, they may want to manage the team directly.  However, they might choose outsourced overseas resources in order to save costs.

The commonality of customers hiring dedicated teams is that they have internal staff to define the product requirements. Furthermore, they have the leadership to oversee the development program and team members.

Why is CodeStringers unique in providing outsourced dedicated teams?

Firms looking to build a dedicated team with an outsourcer must trust that the personnel assigned are “A+” personnel. They also need assurance that those personnel will adhere to a set of values. At CodeStringers we recruit the top personnel in the geography of our development subsidiary (Vietnam).  We then screen candidates not only for technical skills, but also for cultural fit and adherence to our values. Those values are: integrity, craftsmanship, and innovation. We hire all personell for a two-month probationary period during which we evaluate what we tried to learn during the interview process. If a person does not have the required job and technical skills or fails to live up to our cultural standards, we terminate their probation.

When CodeStringers builds a dedicated team for a client, we assign a team of resources that includes the “right” level of seniority. Additionally, we provide a management/leadership structure who oversees those resources to ensure that our standards of quality are met.  Transparently, we bundle the cost of that leadership oversight into our monthly resource pricing. In other words, we “sell” the client a team of personnel, but we also oversee the work quality of those people. We include the cost of that extra service in our pricing. Larger outsourcers just assign a team and hope for the best. When the best doesn’t happen, they blame the client for mismanaging the initiative.

We do these things because we genuinely stand behind our corporate values: Integrity, Craftsmanship, Innovation. Our job is to help clients define the “right” product; keep the promises we make; and provide a level of quality and manageability that’s more akin to insourcing than outsourcing.

What are the benefits of hiring dedicated teams?

This approach is commonly used when a company has the in-house expertise or resources to manage a development team. However, they lack the budget to afford insourcing or the reputation to recruit A+ talent. Here are some key benefits of outsourced software product development:

Cost Efficiency

Outsourcing dedicated teams is more cost-effective because our offshore development subsidiary affords labor costs that are significantly lower than fully-loaded onshore labor costs.

Access to Expertise

As an outsourcer, we build hundreds of applications in a wide range of industries leveraging an even wider range of technologies. Working with CodeStringers allows clients to tap into battle-hardened expertise.



We can scale up or down according to project needs. This provides flexibility and cost control without the challenges of layoffs if you need to downsize the team.

Global Talent Pool

CodeStringers sources the top one percent (1%) of personnel in the geography of our offshore subsidiary (Vietnam). Whereas, companies insourcing development might only have access to the top fifty percent (50%)

CodeStringers is a leading dedicated team outsourcer

CodeStringers has provided dedicated teams to clients ranging from startups to large corporations and has the expertise, experience and personnel to cost-effectively expand your internal development capacity.