Outsourced Software Product Development

You have an idea or problem to solve. We have the expertise to help translate your vision to high quality custom software.

What is outsourced software product development? We take the software planning and development heavy lifting off your plate.

Outsourced software product development is an engagement in which a client partners with the outsourcer to build a product or part of a product without the burden of directly managing the project or the team. It’s analagous to hiring a maintanance service to clean your offices. When you outsource your cleaning, you don’t have to specifically tell each person to empty garbage cans, vacuum, etc. You only have to tell the vendor what you want and they take care of everything for you.

The same principal applies in the outsourced software product development industry. If a client chooses this model, a senior executive from CodeStringers acts as the engagement, product and development manager. We, in turn, assemble a team including product management; user experience and interface design; backend, frontend and mobile development; quality assurance; and devops. This team in responsible for defining, building, testing, releasing, and managing a client’s product.

Is outsourced product development a fit for you? This model is a fit for organizations both small and large.

Outsourced Software Product Development

MasterControl partnered with CodeStringers to build a customer onboarding web application. The result is a sophisticated set of data loading functions capable of handling 20,000 plus unique data records without pagination.



Microsoft SQL Server


JSON Web Tokens (JWT)

Amazon Web Services (AWS)


Ant Design Framework

Spring Core / Boot

Hibernate ORM

Which type of companies does this engagement model fit?

    Virtually any company that needs to build a software product may benefit from this model, but common examples are:

        Resourced-Constrained Software Firms

        Software firms that have something that really needs to be built, but lack the resources to do it.  Oftentimes software firms choose to outsource internal tools that are only used by company employees.  However, it could also apply to a customer-facing tool that augments their core product.  An example of this is the work that CodeStringers did for MasterControl to build their RapidOnboarder application.

        Professional Services & Consulting Teams

        Professional services departments or consulting firms that lack internal skills and knowledge to build software products but have decided that augmenting their current service offerings with a software application will benefit their customers and their business or building internal tools will automate tasks to reduce costs and increase profitability.

        Startup Software Companies

        Startup technology companies led by industry subject matter experts who lack the skills needed to build and execute a software development initiative. This is quite common in the tech industry.  It’s rare that a startup founder has developed expertise in both their target industry AND software development.  Consequently, it is a much better use of their time to manage the business while outsourcing their software product development.

        The commonality for most clients looking to outsource development of a software product is that they do not have internal expertise in some or all aspects of software planning, development and maintenance, but they do have deep subject matter expertise and a vision of how a software product will help achieve their goals.

        They look to CodeStringers to provide not just the team to develop their software product, but also for leadersship to oversee the the development program.

          What are the benefits of outsourcing product development? You focus on subject-matter expertise. We focus on software development.

          As previously mentioned, the primary benefit to this approach is that the client can dedicate their time to what they do best.  They can do their “day job” and can rest assured while CodeStringers manages the time-consuming task of actually building their software.  Management guru Peter Drucker perhaps summed it up best when he said, “Do what you do best and outsource the rest.”

          Companies commonly use this approach when they lack the in-house expertise or resources to build a software product themselves. Or they might opt for this approach when they want to leverage the specialized skills and experience of external development teams.

          Here are some key benefits of outsourced software product development:

          Cost Efficiency

          Outsourcing software development is more cost-effective because our offshore subsidiary affords significantly lower labor costs than a fully-loaded onshore entity.


          As an outsourcer, we build hundreds of applications in a wide range of industries. This diversity enables us to leverage an even wider range of technologies. Working with CodeStringers allows clients to tap into battle-hardened expertise.


          Outsourced development teams can be scaled up or down according to project needs, providing flexibility and cost control.


          CodeStringers sources the top one percent (1%) of personnel in the geography of our offshore subsidiary (Vietnam).  Companies insourcing development might only have access to the top fifty percent (50%).

          Hire CodeStringers to Build Your Software Product. CodeStringers is a leading outsourced software product development partner.

          We have built software products for clients ranging from startups to large corporations. Our team has the expertise, experience and leadership to accelerate your company’s software development initiative. This will increase the likelihood that you achieve product-market fit and achieve your product objectives.

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