What Makes A Good Software Outsourcing Company?

Sep 7, 2023 | Blog Post

There are an abundance of software outsourcing companies. How is one supposed to choose between them?

The primary factor that one needs to look for is to find a software development company that has a track record of providing high-quality products that are delivered on time and within budget, all while meeting or exceeding client expectations. These factors may sound like common sense, but the unfortunate reality is that many (if not most) outsourcers do not deliver on these promises. If you ask five former clients, three or four of them will probably tell you that their software development company was a disappointment. So how is one supposed to find a good one?

Here is a list of factors that one should look out for:

  1. Technical Expertise: Does the outsourcer have a team of skilled developers, testers, and other professionals with expertise in a range of technologies and platforms?
  2. Reputation: Ask around and find out if the outsourcer has a proven track record of delivering quality work, with testimonials or case studies to back it up.
  3. Communication: This is probably the most important factor in determining if an outsourcer will be successful. Ask yourself, in your dealings with this company, do they communicate clearly? More importantly, do they understand your needs? Do they understand what you want? Can they articulate them back to you correctly? Or are they just giving you recycled boilerplate proposals and recommendations?
  4. Reliability: Do they stick to their commitments? One can tell a lot by an outsourcer by how they keep their early commitments like meetings, proposals, etc.
  5. Transparent Pricing: Outsourcers are notorious for giving prospective clients vague SOWs (Statements of Work) at a low price in order to get the job, then they hit you with change orders later that increase the price. A good rule of thumb is that if a software outsourcing company is telling you exactly the price you want to hear, without getting into details about what you want, then they’re not being transparent with you. For more on this topic, check out our blog article on honesty in bidding.
  6. Cultural Compatibility: Successful software products have constant communication and interaction between client and outsourcer. The better the cultures are aligned, the more they will communicate, and the more successful the relationship will be.
  7. Scalability: Can the outsourcer scale up or down based on the client’s requirements? Whether it’s adding more developers for a short-term need or maintaining team continuity in long-term projects, the outsourcer will need to be able to meet the clients personnel needs as business needs change.
  8. Process and Methodology: Does the outsourcer use recognized software development methodologies, such as Agile (which we strongly prefer) or Waterfall? Do they use professional project management tools and software (such as Jira) to track, manage, and report on progress?
  9. Continuous Improvement: Does the outsourcer Invest in regular training and upskilling of their employees to stay updated with the latest technologies and best practices? Do they have a commitment to continuous improvement, or are they satisfied with the status quo?
  10. Ethics and Integrity: Does the outsourcer have a reputation for being honest? Have they been honest in their upfront dealings with you? Honesty and trust is essential in an outsourcer/client relationship. If the outsourcer is afraid to give you bad news, you may end up in a situation where you think your project will be delivered on spec and on time, only to end up with nothing but an excuse when the deadline arrives.

To summarize, when considering an outsourcing company, it’s advisable to do thorough research and to pay close attention to how the outsourcer behaves in your early interactions. You want to make sure that they are honest, professional, communicative, and that they have a track record of delivering successful products on time and on budget.

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