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Innovation, Craftsmanship, and Integrity

CodeStringers is committed to building software products that users love to use and that help our clients create value. Our service offerings include…

Product Planning

Moving to agile development but lacking experience in agile product management? We can help you define your user stories, release plan and wireframes to streamline your development process. This solution is ideal for organizations without internal product management expertise, and for ensuring that your product is well-defined before expanding development resources.

Product Development

You have a vision of a software product, but not the skills to build it. We become your software development organization holistically. This solution is ideal for development of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), firms lacking expertise or internal development resources, and for firms with evolving software requirements.

Software Projects

Need a mobile app ported to a new platform? Or the UX/I of a web app reimagined? Or a WordPress site built? If you have a clear, well-defined scope of work, we can help develop it. This solution is ideal for building or porting mobile apps, website development, or product development will a clearly defined scope that is unlikely to change during development.

UX / UI Design

Have an existing product that needs a new skin? Or an app that has an unintuitive or confusing experience? We can help you reimagine the experience and/or re-skin your product. This solution is ideal for tuning the UX of an existing product, proactively designing UX prior to writing code, and updating the look and feel of your app.

Team Augmentation

You need to add personnel to an internal team to increase velocity or decrease the cost of hiring additional staff. We provide you developers and/or quality assurance testers to augment your internal teams. This solution is ideal for adding personnel to internal teams, long-term engagements, and ongoing software maintenance.

Quality Assurance

Need a testing team for your internally developed software product? Need to augment resources for your internal Quality Assurance team? Need more rigor in your quality control processes? We can help. This solution is ideal for startups without an internal QA team, organizations that want to develop automation tests for an existing product, and teams that don’t have bandwidth to fully define and execute test cases.

Offshore Cost, Onshore Quality

Offshore Cost, Onshore Quality

CodeStringers’ development organization is based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and managed from the United States. Vietnam offers skilled software developers that rival the quality of those anywhere in the world, but affords the low cost associated with offshore development.

Product (versus Project) Culture

Product (versus Project) Culture

CodeStringers places as the primary tenets of software development: development of high quality software; creating great end-user experiences; taking pride of craftsmanship; and individual responsibility for organizational outcomes. Unlike more traditional “fire and forget” outsourcing organizations, every member of the CodeStringers team takes ownership of their work and the outcome that work creates.

Cloud Service Technical Expertise

Cloud Service Technical Expertise

Building cloud services is far more complex than building a client application or a website. Developing cloud services requires integration of full-stack technologies, orchestration of multiple development and testing teams, and operation of software as a service to achieve adequate service availability, scalability and quality.

Proven Agile Method Execution

Proven Agile Method Execution

Becoming an agile company requires battlefield indoctrination of the method such that the process is part of the culture, driving not just how work is completed, but how the people in the organization think about completing their jobs. CodeStringers has three years of experience tailoring, hardening and institutionalizing our Scrum and Kanban development methods.

Our Process

CodeStringers has built more than 50 enterprise and mobile cloud applications for customers of all sizes. We’ve tuned our agile development methods – Scrum and Kanban – to maximize team velocity, delivery superior quality, and enable the iteration that great software requires.

1. Ideate

Understand your problems and needs through a series of workshops with stakeholders who articulate requirements and their value


2. Plan

Draft user stories (feature requirements), wireframe (low fidelity screen designs), evaluate user journeys, and style user interfaces


3. Architect

Select technologies, design architecture, estimate effort and duration, recommend team structure, and establish a budget

4. Develop

Build the application services and clients including database, API/web services, web and mobile client applications using agile methodology (Scrum or Kanban)

5. Operationalize

Configure production environment, deploy application, host and manage, and rollout to the organization and/or end-customers

6. Iterate

Great software is the result of iteration based on user feedback and expanding and improving functionality and experience

What Our Customers Are Saying…

Don’t take our word for it. Listen to what our customers are saying…

“As we ventured down the path of building the MindTRAK Golf platform we quickly realized how fortunate we were to engage with Michael and his team at CodeStringers.  From forethought to wireframe, creative concepts, to practical user experience and those unforeseen problems that surface from time to time, CodeStringers was there to deal and resolve every critical issue quickly.  CodeStringers was more than a web developer for us, they added value to MindTRAK Golf.”

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Dick Zokol


“Vitil Solutions has been providing help desk services for decades. We have a unique process that helps our customers systematically decrease costs by decreasing the number of reported issues. We’ve used every trouble ticketing application imaginable and none of them fit our needs. So, we decided to build our own. We prototyped internally, but our effort fell well short of a releasable product. With CodeStringers, we built a scalable application – KnowledgeDesk – that we not only use internally but has now become a product offering we sell to other firms.”

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Dale Ott

President of Vitil Solutions,
Maker of KnowledgeDesk

“Our Services organization is scaling quickly and we urgently needed a custom software application to automate our workflows, without breaking our annual budget. CodeStringers was the perfect fit, supporting us from ideation through go-live and everything in between. They innovated, hit their deadlines and released an amazingly high quality application that decreases our internal costs and improves our reputation with our customers. It would not have happened without CodeStringers.”

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