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    CodeStringers Announces New Website Launch

    By Quyen Dao
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    CodeStringers today announced the firm’s new website launch along with updated branding in order to better reflect the company’s values, products and custom software development services.

    “We were motivated to update the brand because we wanted to ensure it accurately reflects our company’s values and resonates with our target audience,” said Quyen Dao, Manager of UX / I Design and Creative, who led this initiative. “While our previous brand served us well, we felt it was time to modernize our visual identity to better represent our growth, success, and commitment to providing custom software development services with integrity, craftsmanship and innovation.”

    Among the branding changes includes a new color palette, typography, imagery and site component styling.

    The new color palette maintains the green and blue as the primary colors but has a more vibrant hue that embodies the evolution of the company from a startup to an award-winning software development firm. Blue represents the trust our customers have and place in our team while the green represents the growth and success we’ve experienced during the past decade. Together the primary colors create a sense of security and reliability that aligns with our customers’ needs and our organizational values. The primary colors are augmented by a rainbow of vibrant secondary colors used as accents in the brand and website.

    The meticulously chosen fonts prioritize readability, professionalism, and a modern aesthetic. They complement the color scheme and ensure the website remains easy to navigate and visually appealing.

    The overall styling reflects a commitment to freshness, clean design and balance. The goal was to deliver visual comfort to website visitors by using a balanced color scheme and avoiding elements that could cause eye strain. This meticulous approach ensures a positive user experience for every visitor.

    With the new website launch is the realization of the enhanced branding as both an information and educational site for visitors. The site improves user experience, speeds site performance, and drives engagement with existing and potential customers, which also illustrating our company’s expertise and experience in delivering custom software solutions to our customers.

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