Integrity Matters. Always.

“Always do what is right. It will gratify half of mankind and astound the other.”

– Mark Twain

Making promises. And keeping them. Because Integrity Matters.

Values at CodeStringers

Michael Manzo

President & CEO, CodeStringers

When I was in high school, students who played sports had to sign a contract promising that they would not drink alcohol during the season.

I broke that promise.

Friends invited me to a party at which I drank one beer.

Upon returning home, I was confronted by my father. He asked me if I drank at the party. I admitted that I had. He said, “We’ll talk in the monring”, turned and walked away. I went to bed thinking that he was unhappy that I drank alcohol.

The next morning he gave me a choice. Turn myself in, or he would. That day, I confessed to my coach. I was suspended from the team for two weeks and had to speak at a school event about what I had done and what I learned from it.

What I learned was one of my most important life lessons. Your word is who you are. When you make a promise, keep it.

In my career, I’ve seen executives who seem to believe that business and integrity are in conflict… that their personal values may be compromised in the interest of career success.

At CodeStringers, integrity matters. We hold integrity as our highest principle.

We make a promise.

CodeStringers builds your plan. Free.

Building software requires planning. For agile development programs, plans include user stories (feature definitions), user journeys (user experience), UI wireframes the tech stack, software architecture, and ultimately estimates of the effort, duration and budget needed.

Some outsourcers charge for this deliverable. They call it a “discovery project”, or something similar. You’ll need to sign a contract prior to that work commencing.

Other outsourcers will complete cursory planning and guesstimate time and cost. And if you then hire them to build your software, you’ll end up paying far more than their original estimate. Once you sign the contract and the development starts, they’ll start asking you questions to fully define features and every answer you give will be termed “new scope”. And you start your rapid slide down the “contract change order” slippery slope.

At CodeStringers, we develop software release plans for potential clients BEFORE they hire us. We don’t charge for that work. And it’s led by an executive with decades of software development experience.


We think that integrity matters more than the couple of bucks we could earn from discovery.

As a potential client, you need to know how long and how much before you can commit. And there’s no better way to get to know how a custom software development company operates than jointly creating a software release plan.

We keep it.

We commit to the budget and deadline. Guaranteed.

Once we complete the release planning and you decide to move forward with CodeStringers to build your custom software product, we contractually commit to delivering the first release on time and in budget.

By using agile development methods, we’re able to track the percentage of the full release that we finish each week or agile development sprint. So, we know within a few weeks or sprints if we’re behind schedule.

And if we are?

We assign additional personnel to the program to make up the time.

And we do it on our dime, so to speak (no additional cost you).

NO OTHER custom software development firm will make this type of commitment. They’ll hide behind the definition of the word “estimate”. They will not take responsibility for their mistake.

When CodeStringers’ makes a mistake, we own it and we fix it. Because it’s the right thing to do. Integrity Matters.

And we stand by it.

We give you one “neck to choke”. And that neck has the authority to make it right.

From your first call or meeting with CodeStringers and as long as you have a relationship with us, your point of contact – we call it the “Engagement Manager” – is a senior executive with our company with the level of accountabilty and authority commensute with the trust you’ve placed in our team

We still assign the types of resources other firms do. You’ll have a project manager, a business/requirements analyst, UX/I designers, developers, and testers. But the overall responsbility for the success of the development program lies with your Engagement Manager.

But that person’s responsibility doesn’t stop with just building the software. That person has a decade or two of experience in numerous cross-functional areas needed to ensure that software products address customer and user needs, achieve market-fit, and realize the business objectives for which they were developed.

Simply put, that person’s job is not only to manage the delivery process but also to make sure that the best possible decisions are being made to achieve the highest level of success possible.

This method of collaboration will redefine for you the meaning of the word “partnership”.

Battle-Tested Agile Software Development Services.

CodeStringers has built dozens of enterprise and mobile cloud applications for customers of all sizes. We’ve tuned our agile development methods – Scrum and Kanban – to maximize team velocity, delivery superior quality, and enable the iteration that great software requires.


01 Mar, 2023



Preparing to Build a Release Plan

We complete a series of workshop sessions that help our team understand your vision and gather sufficient information to create a software release plan.


01 Mar, 2023


Release Planning

Define, Design and Estimate Features

At NO COST to you, our team builds a software release plan that includes a list of fgeatures (agile user stories), UI wireframes, architecture and tech stack, and estimates of effort, duration and budget.


01 Mar, 2023


Develop Your Product

Set an Engagement Model, Onboard Team

With the release plan completed, you know how long and how much to build the first version of your product. Within days, we agree on an engagement model, put a team in place and we begin developing software.


01 Mar, 2023


Track Performance

Agile Execution 101

We conduct routine status reviews and demos, give your team diret access to a test environment for your software, and provide progress reports on features completed, QA testing results, and a burndown against the original release plan. If our estimates were low, we know early on. CodeStringers adds resources to hit the deadline at no cost to you.