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    The last

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    you’ll ever need.

    The best offshore custom software development talent.

    C-level engagement management included.

    Upsource Your Custom Software Development with CodeStringers
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    We do custom software development a bit differently.

    We believe in making commitments. And keeping them.









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    C-Level Engagement Manager.

    20% Project Management… 80% Advisor.

    From your first discovery call with CodeStringers, your contact will be a senior executive with a decade plus experience developing software products.

    “Discovery” (Planning). No Charge.

    No fine print… we get asked “why?” a lot.

    Custom software development requires planning. Requirements. Designs. Architecture. Estimates. We handle this for you BEFORE we’re under contract. You need to know how much and how long to get to your release. We can’t give you those answers without a plan.

    Cost & Deadline Guaranteed.

    Yeah, we’re serious.

    We commit to achieving the scope of the plan on time and in budget. No if’s, and’s or but’s about it. Yeah, we know. Nobody does that. But it’s the right thing to do.

    Don’t take our word for it.

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    “CodeStringers is genuinely unique among custom software development partners.

    “Our services organization is scaling quickly and we urgently needed a custom software application to automate our workflows, without breaking our annual budget. CodeStringers was the perfect fit, supporting us from ideation through go-live and everything in between. They innovated, hit their deadlines and released an amazingly high quality application that decreases our internal costs and improves our reputation with our customers. It would not have happened without CodeStringers.”

    Lori Oakley
    EVP, Professional Services

    “Much more than just another custom software development firm.”

    “The CodeStringers team easily rivals the quality of any Silicon Valley software engineering organization. Working with CodeStringers, our software quality improved, our development velocity increased, and our financial runway extended. CodeStringers didn’t just provide us resources. They made OUR resources deliver higher quality in less time. They made our company better.”

    Greg Ovalle
    Chief Executive Officer

    “We would never have launched without CodeStringers.”

    “As we ventured down the path of building the MindTRAK Golf platform we quickly realized how fortunate we were to engage with Michael and his team at CodeStringers. From forethought to wireframe, creative concepts, to practical user experience and those unforeseen problems that surface from time to time, CodeStringers was there to deal and resolve every critical issue quickly. CodeStringers was more than a developer for us. They added value to MindTRAK Golf.”

    Richard “Dick” Zokol
    CEO & Retired PGA Touring Pro Golfer

    “CodeStringers redefined what partnership means.”

    “Vitil Solutions has been providing help desk services for decades. We have a unique process that helps our customers systematically decrease costs by decreasing the number of reported issues. We’ve used every trouble ticketing application imaginable and none of them fit our needs. So, we decided to build our own. We prototyped internally, but our effort fell well short of a releasable product. With CodeStringers, we built a scalable application – KnowledgeDesk – that we not only use internally but has now become a product offering we sell to other firms.”

    Dale Ott

    </From Idea to Delivery>

    We have the expertise to make your idea a reality.

    Custom Software Development

    Develop custom software products including frontend web applications, mobile applications and backend technology, databases and services to achieve your business objectives.

    AI, ML & Data Science

    CodeStringers can help you harness the power of AI and ML to improve your user experiences, exploit the value of data, analyze unstructured data to identify potential relationships, and more.

    Quality Assurance and Testing

    Ensure you release the highest quality software by integrating manual and automated testing into your development process and teams.

    Software Release Planning

    Translate your vision into an estimable and actionable software release plan including user stories, wireframes, design style guides, software architecture, and technology stack.

    Web Application Development

    Open-source custom software development technologies. Microsoft technologies. Responsive. Adaptive. Minimum viable products. Mature products. We’ve got it covered.

    Mobile Application Development

    Build smartphone and tablet mobile applications to give your existing SaaS application or build an entirely new mobile-first product.

    CodeStringers is a world-class custom software development company.

    That’s the least humble statement you’ll ever hear us utter. We say it only because we take great pride in what we do.

    CodeStringers - Global Custom Software Development Company

    Getting started with custom software development services is simple & painless.

    Within a month, you can see your idea start to come to life.

    Get started utilizing our custom software development services
    STEP 1


    We complete a series of discovery workshop sessions that take anywhere from a one day to a couple of weeks depending upon the complexity of your idea. The workshops help our team understand your vision and gather sufficient information to create an agile software release plan.

    STEP 2

    Release Planning

    Our team creates an agile software release plan including customer/user personas and needs, feature requirements, user interface wireframes, technical architecture and tech stack, and estimates of effort duration and budget. In order to tailor our software development services to your needs, this plan is an essential step. This typically takes one to two weeks to complete.

    STEP 3

    Engagement Model & Team Structure

    Within days, we agree upon the best customer engagement model for your needs, the skill sets needed, and the structure of the team.

    STEP 4

    Build Software & Track Results

    We initiate agile / scrum development utilizing CodeStringers’ expertise and experience with the methodology. We conduct routine status reviews and demos, give your team direct access to a test environment for your software, and provide progress reports on features completed, QA testing results, and a burn down against the original release plan. If our estimates were low, we know early on. CodeStringers adds resources to hit the deadline at no cost to you.


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