Outsourced Software Product Development

What is outsourced software product development?

Outsourced software product development is a process in which a client partners with CodeStringers to build a product or part of a product for that client without the burden on the client of managing the project or the team. A senior executive from CodeStringers acts as the engagement, product and development manager, and we assemble a team of personnel including product management; user experience and interface design; backend, frontend and/or mobile development, quality assurance testing and automation engineering; and devops to define, build, test, release and manage a client’s product.

What type of companies does this engagement model fit?

Virtually any company that needs to build a software product may benefit from this model, but common examples include:

  • Software firms that need to build internal or customer-facing tools but lack the internal leadership skills or time to manage the initiative.
  • Professional services departments or consulting firms that lack internal skills and knowledge but have decided that augmenting their current service offerings with a software application will benefit their customers and their business.
  • Startup technology companies led by industry subject matter experts who lack the skills needed to build and execute a software development initiative.

The commonality in most cases is that the client lacks leadership skills or available time to manage the software development initiative and looks to CodeStringers to provide not just the team to execute the software development plan but also a leader to oversee the program.

What are the benefits of outsourcing dedicated teams?

This approach is commonly used when a company lacks the in-house expertise or resources to build a software product themselves, or when they want to leverage the specialized skills and experience of external development teams. Here are some key benefits of outsourced software product development:

Cost Efficiency

Outsourcing software development is more cost-effective because our offshore development subsidiary affords labor costs that are significantly lower than fully-loaded onshore labor costs.

Access to Expertise

As an outsourcer, we build hundreds of applications in a wide range of industries leveraging an even wider range of technologies. Working with CodeStringers allows clients to tap into battle-hardened expertise.



Outsourced development teams can be scaled up or down according to project needs, providing flexibility and cost control.

Focus on Core Competencies

Companies can focus on their core business functions while outsourcing non-core activities.

Global Talent Pool

CodeStringers sources the top one percent (1%) of personnel in the geography of our offshore subsidiary (Vietnam) whereas companies insourcing development might only have access to the top fifty percent (50%)

CodeStringers is a leading outsourced software product development partner

CodeStringers has built software products for clients ranging from startups to large corporations and has the expertise, experience and leadership to accelerate your company’s software development initiative and increase the likelihood that you achieve product-market fit and achieve your product objectives.